About Project

This is a mobile and tablet based application which helps candidates manage elections in India. The application uses publicly available voter data in an innovative manner and provides appropriate information to individual voters and to candidates. This is especially useful for election candidates who are contesting elections and helps them manage their constituency.

The candidate can view voters’ details such as the name, address, age and gender at click of a button. One can send polling information such as polling date and time, polling station address, room number and serial number to the voter as an SMS or as an email. The polling information of the voter’s entire family can also be sent as single SMS. The voter’s contact details are stored for future reference.

This application was nominated as Highly Innovative application of 2012 by Govt. Of Maharashtra (India). Indian Express (leading news paper in India) has covered this news in its editions all over India.


The application has been designed for tablets and mobiles with Android 2.2 onwards.


Project Details
Android Development and Data Mining
Election candidates
Design and development of the application
The server management and downloading of huge amount of constituency data
Security of the polling data of each party